psc thulasiKerala public service commission one time registration is very helpful for all candidates. Register first time with suitable details like photo, signature, identity card information etc. After registrations able to apply qualified post with one click. It gives secure and easy to apply job vacancies. Remember registered candidates, verify your certificates, community certificate etc. in PSC given times. Any time to edit your details before verification, after unable to edit some data's.

KPSC onetime registration is the only one option for applying government jobs. So it is very important in Kerala. We provide onetime registration help for all the Indians. Before proceeding carefully read the instructions. The KPSC online registration works on ‘Thulasi’ (version 1.0) software.

Before Proceeding Onetime Registration?

Your Digital Photo:
Image Dimension: 150 Width X 200 Height
Maximum Photo Size: 30 KB
Photo Format: JPEG
Important: Put your name & photo taken date in appropriate place.

psc photo

See also Malayalam instructions regarding photo upload.

Scanned image of signature (Put on white paper with black or blue ink).
Signature image dimension: 150 W X 100 H
Size: Below 30 Kilo byte
Image type: JPEG

psc signature

Identification Card:

Any one of ID proofs like Election ID card, AADHAR card, PAN card etc.

Resize your photo and signature online, click here

Now Starting Onetime Registration

First go to Kerala public service commission official and new website, next click ‘onetime registration’ banner or click the link here, after this click sign up link. A new window open with next button, read carefully and select agree to continue.

psc photo agree

Upload your photo (read above instructions carefully).

photo upload

[Optional] If you are physically handicapped and did not detect face, bypass this analysis by accepting declaration:


Tick mark ‘I have face deformity’ to continue, others avoid this step.

Upload your signature (Also see above instructions)

upload signature

Then new window open, fill personal details

personal details

Click next button, type permanent & communication address (option for both same)

permanent address

After above step, fill contact details like email and mobile number.

contact details

Now click the next button. Enter unique user id, password and agree to continue.

psc username

Appear a congratulation message - “successfully registered”


Add additional details like qualifications, languages, etc.

Mobile Number Verification

In profile home page you can see mobile number verification option marked as red color, type your mobile number and next, now display a window.

mobile verification

Put your verification code to verify mobile number

verified mobile

Now onetime registration completely done successfully.

Forgot Username & Password

SMS appropriate option to 537252, from verified mobile number.

To Find User Name
KPSC <space> USR

Reset Password
KPSC <space> RST <space> User ID <space> DOB

Contact Details

Kerala PSC Help Desk (Call Center)
0471 - 2554000 (Working days)

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. For your security we removed one comment, also removed another one comment for unsupported language (Malayalam not support).


    3. Yes, it possible now, edit before certificate verification

  2. No.when i'm trying to edit. it s showing a message, "Application under process ! Details will not be permitted to edit." with a Lock symbol.
    please mention the way to do that ....

    1. Hi Anu,
      We checked, working perfectly fine.

    2. When you registered? If today, please check after one day, because server/software issue. Sometime we noticed this problem, don't worry it will automatic solve.

    3. and one more thing...
      in my education qualifications, the stream i mentioned is "distance education" but in fact it is regular. I'm not able to edit this also. please help me

  3. and one more thing...
    in my education qualifications, the stream for S.S.L.C i mentioned is "distance education" but in fact it is regular. I'm not able to edit this also. please help me

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sir, actually i registered on last week and i applied for some vacancies also. then only i noticed this mistakes.
    I tried several times to edit this details, but i was unable to do that.

    What i did to edit:
    Log in / Profile / Personnel Details. when im trying to edit it it s showing that messages

    1. Anu,
      We checked many profiles, also checked 2 days ago created (did not apply any post).

      Finally we found, applied post profile's 'personal details', education etc. could not edit. But you can edit communication address.

      The problem due to you applied some posts. When you apply a post, the present details sent to psc mail box, so psc software does not allow to edit.

      If want more details and help contact PSC call center or go to PSC office.

      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  6. Thanks for your valuable information and Patience

  7. Hi,
    I am Arjun. Could you please help me with One Time Reg.
    In the one time registration, while entering "Educational qualification", there is a field, "Date of acquiring" below "Month & Year of passing".
    Is the date meant by the date when we passed the qualification? I have passed on July 2012.
    What should I give in "Date of acquiring". Please reply me.

    1. "Date of acquiring" not mandatory, you can leave this field empty.

      "Month & Year of passing" - you passed exam month and year. See your certificate for reference.

  8. Hai,when did one time registration by mistake i gave the height details wrongly.How can i edit that?

    1. First log-in with username and password. Follow below steps:
      Go to "Profile" & then "Physique"

      Add or edit (if available).
      Before add, please read instructions carefully.

  9. This is an incredible article thus supportive for psc job hunters

  10. hi..plz help me.. Recently i have changed my date of birth in all my official ID cards through proper channel. How can i change my date of birth in my psc online registration??

    1. Applied in any post? Edit option available in profile?
      Please post detail description.

  11. yeah..applied.... edit option is not available.

    1. Then you can't add 'date of birth'. Please contact 04712554000, they will tell legal information. If any doubt contact !

  12. I wrongly filled the date of acquiring my plus two qualification. Instead of 16th may I typed 16th august. I can't alter that it shows application under processing. What will I do?

    1. If the problem not solved after 2 days, please contact call center: 0471-2554000.

  13. Hi,
    When print the registration card
    1. Its showing "Preference details not entered" in Languages Known.
    2. In Educational Qualifications , verified is showing" No"

    Can anyone clarify the two questions?

    1. Edwin,
      See the questions answer:
      1. You known language details not entered in preference. Like English, Tamil & Hindi - read, speak etc. knowledge.

      2. Your certificates not verified by PSC

  14. can i edit personal details? my native taluk mistakenly change when i try change that shown details under process cannot be edited

    1. Because you applied KPSC post. If you want more details contact PSC support team.

    2. can i edit after getting admission ticket of that post?

    3. My guess, not possible. Please contact psc call center, they will help.

    4. that number always busy,Id there any other way?

    5. From which district? for better result contact psc district office directly. Call center number always busy.....we tried so many times.

      Trivandrum district office number: 0471 - 2448188.
      0471- 2447201
      0471-2447208 (out of office hours)
      0471-2554000 (Call Center - 8 AM to 8 PM)

      Fax: 0471-2448988


    6. Contact Ernakulam office directly or indirectly.