Kerala State Electricity Board Online Bill Payment option started one month ago. It is very easy, online payment offer digital bill receipt. Online electricity bill payment supporting payment options: Credit card, debit card and Net-banking. Detailed supporting banks and payment options given below,
Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) online payment Supporting payment options and banks
Kerala electricity online bill payment steps given below:
1. Go to Official KSEB Website or Click here to go
2. Click "Pay Bills Online"
KSEB, Kerala State Electricity Board online bill payment homepage
3. See the below image to get details
    1) Select Electrical Section
    2) Type Your Consumer Number ( If you don't know, check your bill)
    3) Type Your Bill Number ( ( Check your bill)
    4) & 5 : Enter your Email address and Mobile number (One is mandatory)
Kerala Electricity Online Bill Payment
4. Click "Show bill details"
Kerala State Electricity board Online Bill Payment
5. Select transaction type & click "show payable amount"
Kerala State Electricity board Online Bill Payment confirmation page
6. Click "confirm payment"
Kerala State Electricity board Online Bill Payment make payment page
7. Click "Make Payment" link
KSEB Online Bill Payment net banking select bank
8. Select your Bank (Internet banking) & Click "Continue to Payment"
Electricity board electricity Bill Payment confirmation
9. Click confirm & complete the bank payment process

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  1. Online Electricity Bill Payment is must these days as it provides convenience to the users by letting them spend their valuable time somewhere else than standing in a que.