In Asian region so many variety foods are available, the foods are selected from all countries in Asia and most popular food in all countries selected for No.1 position and others respectively. Commonly use food names different from country to country and preparations also may change.

I choose top 10 most popular foods in Asia - my point of view.

1. Noodles

noodles, asia

This dish is originated in china and this is base for many dishes. It’s made from unleavened dough, then made into strings like structure. These strings are dried and stored for further food preparation.

2. Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak

“Nasi Lemak” dish consisting of rice cooked in coconut milk. The dish is originated in Malaysia. Earlier it is used for breakfast, but now the dish can be eaten any time of the day. Screw pine leaves and lemon grass may be added for fragrance.

3. Pho

pho, food

‘Pho’ consists of a broth to which rice noodles and meat are added, in addition few herbs also added.

4. Thai Red Curry

Thai red curry, thailand

This is a popular soup like dish from Thailand. “Thai Red Curry” consists of a base paste (made of several spices) to which coconut milk is added. The base paste is also available in supermarkets. It have shrimp, chicken, lamb or beef as main ingredients.

5. Hyderabadi Haleem

hyderabadi haleem

“Hyderabadi Haleem” is a porridge made from lamb, beef or chicken cooked with a mix of lentils and other pulses.

6. Biryani


A famous food across south Asia. Biryani consists of various types of meat such as chicken, lamb and beef cooked with rice and spices.

7. Aloo Gosht

aloo gosht

The food from Pakistan. It consists of beef and potatoes, the spicy dish served with rice or flat bread.

8. Afghani Dal

Afghani dal

“Afghani Dal” made of black lentils cooked in a mixture of mild spices and lot of butter.

9. Chelo Kebab

chelo kebab

The national dish of Iran, the food made of rice and roasted meat (Kebab).

10. Dolma


The food is originated from Turkey, the dish consists of variety of foods which are prepared by stuffing different ingredients in vine leaves.

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    1. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth,. You can buy it from online store or Vietnam.