Usthad Vaidyar
Famous naturopathy consultant Mohanan Vaidyar and Usthad Vaidyar short video conversation. He is fighting against illegal activities in all medical fields.  

Conversation Between Usthad Vaidyar and Mohanan Vaidyar

Usthad: Namasthe, This video is taken mainly to remove the misunderstanding of some people in society about a  great person, its none other than our Mohanan Vaidyar who took a daring effort to create an awareness on toxic and adulterated food. Some of us have a huge misunderstanding that Mohanan Vaidyar is against Modern medicine and treatment. But it's not true, he is never against modern medicine. Let's ask him about what is his take on this impression.

Mohanan Vaidyar : I am never against any kind of medical practices, In fact, I am one among the 3 secretaries of state’s ‘overall holistic association’ which combines around 40 different types of medical practices like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Natural treatment, Sidha  and so on and the main leading person himself is an Allopathy practitioner. I personally believe in a combination therapy. 

I am only against those activities in the medical field which is aimed only at financial benefits and not sincere about healing the patient. Healthcare has become a tempting target for thieves, am only against such malicious activities.

Usthad: So you are not against modern medicine, but you basically protest whoever is doing a wrong practice 

Mohanan Vaidyar: Yes, I am against such wrong activities, I have spoken about the wrong practice of adding preservatives in Ayurveda, about duplicate Homeo medicines prepared in Kunnamkulam and about wrong Sidha practices. All kind of medical practices has its own benefits, but they shouldn’t be misused or practised to exploit society.

Usthad: So now you know that Mohanan Vaidyar is never against modern medicine, he is raising his voice against only those who are misusing the healthcare industry for vested interests.  

He is been cornered by many and that's why he had to shout out to the world again and again about such activities in the healthcare industry. And because of that, he is being crucified now even by our legal system. 

But let me honestly tell you that he is a man with lots of virtues and he is always willing to share his knowledge and use his skills in the healthcare field for the needy. 

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