Find the Percentage of MarkYou know how to find the percentage of marks obtained from examination?. If you don't know, i will explain with simple calculator. There are different medium to calculate % of marks., example: calculator, digital medias etc. Calculation of percentage of mark using common formula,

X/Y x 100/1 = "% Mark" or X/Y x 100 = "% Mark"

There "X" is your total mark and Y is maximum mark.

If it difficulty to calculate, then see our instant percentage calculator. This calculator can also use for your maths study material.

Percentage Calculator
Your Total Marks Max. Mark Answer: %

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  1. thanks for easlly Calc my percentage.....!

  2. nizee calculation method,thnks

  3. My total mark is 80 what is the percentage in sslc

    1. Your maximum marks?
      80 mark is out of how much mark?

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