Do you know how to check your Indian oil (Indane) gas & Aadhaar linking status in bank and seeding with IOCL. Now it is very important, because gas subsidy amount government sent to your linked bank account. It helps to find any problem due to linkage and seeding, can check which linking is fail - correct with suitable procedures or contact bank if any problem persist.

Direct Subsidy Transfer - Transparency Portal

1. Go to Indane gas transparency portal (Visit www. & click "Transparency Portal" option/menu) or click here.
indane transparency portal
2.  Select your financial year & consumer type. Then Choose “Normal Search” or “Quick Search”. If you are using “Normal Search” - Select state, district and gas agency name, other wise in “Quick search” - type distributor name.
inadane gas transparency
3. Choose any one of the searching methods like name, consumer number and address. Red circle represent not connected or fail to connect and green circle - connection success. If you can see two fields in green circle, you are eligible for get gas subsidy.
gas transparency portal

Transparency Status Indicators

gas linking status

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